Wednesday 9 September 2020

DIGGING DEEP - True Blood Ties Script

 Hey Housemates, 

This is the script for our DIGGING DEEP EXERCISE. Please refer to to my video on Instagram  for all the details you need. 


- Deadline is the 23rd of September 2020

- GIN is the male role

- JENA is the female role

- I only want to see you on the screen. 

- Let the voice of the person reading with you be audible. 

- You can send your video submissions vie email ( or upload it on your YouTube channel and make it UNLISTED (not private), then send the link to us via email (

Please find attached the script below:


Saturday 29 February 2020

DALLAS CLASS - Monologue and Audition Techniques

If you live in Dallas and want to kick off your acting career, then these classes are for you!

3 weekends, 6 intense classes! 

An Actor's Playhouse Presents:
Monologue and Audition Techniques 

- How to audition and get the part
- The resources you need as a professional actor
- Breakdown monologues, and self-tape video for auditions
- Everything you need to know as an actor, to kick off your career

Weekend 1: March 27th & 28th
Weekend 2: April 3rd & 4th
Weekend 3: April 10th & 11th 

Friday Classes: 5pm - 8pm
Saturday Classes: 2pm - 5pm

Common Desk 

Class Size: 
There are 10 spots available in this class. 

Fee: $300 (You can pay in 2 installments.
$150 paid immediately to reserve your spot, the other $150 on or before the 28th of March)

At the end of the course, the students will feature in a short film that will be screened for families and friends. Each student will be awarded a certificate of participation and a complimentary headshot on the day of the screening. 

To pay and reserve your spot in the class, please select a payment option from the dropdown below and click on buy now to complete your purchase