Tuesday 13 December 2016


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How have you been and what have you been up to since the last blog? 
I talked about SCRIPT PREP in the last video and I promised to explain some of the terms I used like CHARACTER BIBLE. 

Wednesday 16 November 2016


When I started out in the movie industry as a teenager, I made a mistake that I still see a lot of people make till date. This cost me a lot and now that I know better, I hope that you can learn from it. 

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Tuesday 25 October 2016


One of the mistakes I made when I was a much younger actor, was to get the script for the movie I was a part of and then start to memorize my own lines. 

I would immediately learn my lines, pick the last two words from the lines of my co-actor as my CUE and then go on set believing I had everything on lock down, but when I watched the movies after release, there was never a satisfactory feeling as regards my performance. 

I always knew there was something wrong because I couldn't feel the authenticity the character deserved, and the fact that people loved my work and even gave me some awards confused me more. 

I didn't quite understand how a "not so great performance" would be accepted. Then I realized that most people were carried away with the the whole movie, the story, the music and mood, the movements, the actions and everything as a whole. But on the other hand, I watched the movie isolating my own performance as though my scenes or SCREEN TIME were a stand alone movie, and I could see all the flaws and bad acting because there were no distractions for me. 

The problem I discovered with my work was that I always anticipated the CUE and had already prepared the reaction I would give for my LINES since I had memorized every word. So if I didn't hear the CUE, it would throw me off a bit because I had prepared myself based on the WORDS instead of allowing myself to FEEL.
After a while I knew it was time to learn my craft and do it the proper way. 

So this is what I know now:
  • When you receive the script or the SIDE, read it through as many times as you can. At this point you should know the story inside and out. The characters and their relationships should also be known as intimately as you know your friends in real life.

  • After that, you will have to break down the scenes and do a comprehensive SCENE STUDY. In breaking down the scenes, the mood, pace, time, intention, purpose and objective should be marked and understood.

  • By the time these steps are taken, your subconscious will already know what you are supposed to be saying. This may not be word for word, but knowing and understanding what you are saying, why you are saying it and how you should say it, which is more important than knowing the LINES word for word. 

The LINES are the last things I memorize and I do it this way because it makes it easier when all other factors have been taken in. 

Becoming a CHARACTER is not about knowing the LINES of the character. It is about knowing the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN and HOW of the character. 
When you understand the details of every single scene, it makes it easier for you to have an easy flow even when your co-actor changes some words in his delivery.
It also takes away the frustration when the DIRECTOR makes quick changes just before he rolls CAMERA

As long as you understand your character and know the objective of each scene, knowing and saying the LINES will be much easier. 

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Tuesday 4 October 2016


A lot of young actors have this notion that the most important thing in acting is knowing the lines and saying them word for word. 
Unfortunately, they are wrong because the lines are not as important as the feeling.
Even though it's important to know the lines and say them, you also have to understand what they mean. 

Friday 2 September 2016


I have heard a lot of actors say that the action and the plot is more important than the character. They believe that the character is just a tool to achieve the goal of the story using actions and reactions.

Tuesday 23 August 2016


*This is not talking about acting tools but things you can use to put yourself and your craft out there for the right people to see it.*

A little while ago, the only Actors that could showcase their talent for casting directors and agents where those that went to high class drama schools. The talent showcase was and still is a part of the curriculum. 
The school invites PR managersagents and casting directors to come and watch their students display all they have learnt. They do this with the hope that their students can book jobs or get representation by an agent who can get them in front of the directors. 
Not a lot of people could afford to attend those schools so it was hard for lots of them.

Tuesday 9 August 2016


The first time I heard the word COVER LETTER, I was literally confused. I began to think that trying to get agents and casting directors was more difficult than getting a job in the White House. 

Tuesday 2 August 2016


A lot of aspiring actors have different ideas of what a real audition is. If you have never been to an audition before, you may be confused into thinking that you will be given parts of the actual script to read all the time.

Some casting directors may want you to read the SIDE  from the actual script, others may just want to know your personality. It is also expected that you come with a prepared monologue. If a SIDE is made available ONLINE, then you are expected to study it, get the lines, build and get into the moment. 

Casting directors vary in the things they are looking for and how they look for it. I will give you a few tips that will help you in preparing for an audition:

Tuesday 26 July 2016


I know that you will find this topic very confusing and even contradictory, but I can assure you that it is very important to understand. 

Acting can be a very glamorous, famous, rewarding and fun job to the outside world. People think it's just about getting a role, getting paid, going on location, being dressed and fed by others, acting out the role, attending a red carpet event and then becoming even more popular. 


Tuesday 19 July 2016


Are you really prepared for an AUDITION
Do you sometimes wonder why you don't get chosen or picked for the role?

Let me clarify something before we get into this. 
When you attend an audition, don't feel bad when you are not picked for the role, especially if you know that you put your best into it.

Tuesday 12 July 2016


Have you been ever been asked to define the word ACTING?. 
Most people feel that they know the definitions of certain words until they are asked to really define it. 
We may know what it means and can talk about it in different ways but are we able to give it a DEFINITION?

Wednesday 6 July 2016


Welcome to An Actor’s Playhouse.

This is a house were we can all hang out, chat, ask questions, get information, find resources, network, socialize and attend the best and most exciting seminars, workshops, classes and premieres. 

I am already excited becuase I can already  imagine how this will become very effective and resourceful for aspiring and professional actors.