Tuesday 12 July 2016


Have you been ever been asked to define the word ACTING?. 
Most people feel that they know the definitions of certain words until they are asked to really define it. 
We may know what it means and can talk about it in different ways but are we able to give it a DEFINITION?

First of all, we need to agree that ACTING cannot be taught or learnt from a book. It is a natural gift/talent that you are born with. When it is obvious that you have the raw talent,  you can then proceed to learn the skills and techniques that will transform you into a PROFESSIONAL ACTOR.

Another fact about ACTING is, if you get into this world with the sole intention of making money or becoming famous then I can tell you that you will Not last.

ACTING is born out of an immense and intense passion that cannot be compared to any other thing you do. It is the most important thing to a REAL ACTOR.
If you see ACTING as just a hobby or something you do when you have free time from your regular job, then I am not sure you will BENEFIT from this platform/forum.

But, if ACTING is your passion and your life, I say WELCOME TO OUR WORLD.

If you ask 50 people to define ACTING, you can be sure that you will get 50 different answers.
Even the biggest and most SUCCESSFUL ACTORS in the world have different variations of the definition of ACTING.

Here are some of the definitions you will here along the way:

- ACTING is observing
- ACTING is imitating
- ACTING is a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual challenge
- ACTING is expressing 
- ACTING is reacting
- ACTING is performing
- ACTING is responding to stimuli in imaginary circumstances
- ACTING is communicating

MERYL STREEP says: Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.

MICHAEL CAINE says: Film acting is, in large parts reacting and listening.

Which of these definitions do you identify with? 
Is your definition different from all these?

There is no correct or wrong answer in this case.
Different people have different approaches to acting and based on that, they will see it from different views.

Your definition may be based on your experience, style, method, exposure, mentor or your own logic.

 Every actor must have his or her own definition that will become a guide to the way you approach your own work.

At the end of this blog please think about what ACTING means to you and if you don't mind sharing, we will be very delighted. 
It is our mission to inspire and ignite the fire in others who may be struggling with their decisions as regards acting.

Here is my own little definition of ACTING that has worked for me throughout my own career for the last two (2) decades:

"ACTING is DUPLICATING human behavior, BECOMING someone else by creating everything that makes up a person, body, mind and spirit."

Some people may disagree or like this definition. As an actor you must have yours and remember that your definition does not necessarily have to work for others.

When I teach ACTING in every class, I always ask my students to write down their own definition that they can defend.

I ask you again, WHAT IS ACTING?

Welcome to our world and thank you for stopping by.

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  2. In my own little world; "ACTING" is a storytelling medium that allows you to portray a character you are willing to connect with effectively, invigorating the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual sense..

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