Wednesday 6 July 2016


Welcome to An Actor’s Playhouse.

This is a house were we can all hang out, chat, ask questions, get information, find resources, network, socialize and attend the best and most exciting seminars, workshops, classes and premieres. 

I am already excited becuase I can already  imagine how this will become very effective and resourceful for aspiring and professional actors. 

There are so many questions a lot of you have been asking about your career, the art of acting and how you can succeed

If you are like me, then most of your questions will be similar to these:
- Why is it difficult to find jobs?
- What are Casting Directors really looking for?
- What kind of classes will work for me?
- How will my headshot get the right attention?
- How do I find an authentic agent?
- Can theatre training help my film career?
- What does it take to become a successful actor?
- Do I have to change my accent?
- Can an i really make it big in Hollywood?
- How do I get my REEL and HEADSHOTS in front of the right eyes?
- What type of events should I attend?
- What does an actor benefit from attending film festivals?
- What is acting in the real sense?
- How do I nail my audition if I can’t afford classes?
- Do I dress like the character for an audition?
- What does Branding an Actor mean?
- Does every Actor need to have MEDIA TRAINING?
- What are the Basic Protocol every Actor must know and use.

Well, these and many others are some of the things we will most likely talk about every week.

There will also be a Podcast for an Actors Playhouse for you to listen, enjoy, share and connect (Coming Soon) and we will also find mentors who will be willing to help others fulfill their dreams in the world of acting. 

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Welcome to the world of Acting.

It’s an open house party at AN ACTOR’S PLAYHOUSE ….


  1. We started off in the downstairs pub area of San Francisco venues and then moved to the upper level, many tables were already reserved there but we commandeered some sitting space in front of a fireplace that was just the right size for our group of happy campers.

  2. That's a super cool open house party prep. Best birthday party till now was my cousin's dinner treat at event halls for rent few weeks back. Food served was extremely delicious and table décor was with yellow linens. My friends liked the pictures clicked. Cake cutting was funny as everyone sung the songs to tease her.