Tuesday 23 August 2016


*This is not talking about acting tools but things you can use to put yourself and your craft out there for the right people to see it.*

A little while ago, the only Actors that could showcase their talent for casting directors and agents where those that went to high class drama schools. The talent showcase was and still is a part of the curriculum. 
The school invites PR managersagents and casting directors to come and watch their students display all they have learnt. They do this with the hope that their students can book jobs or get representation by an agent who can get them in front of the directors. 
Not a lot of people could afford to attend those schools so it was hard for lots of them.

Then came BACKSTAGE which became the saving grace for a lot of actors. 
It’s a different kind of school where you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to be a part of the film community. They organize seminars, workshops, classes and give information about every audition happening in the country and beyond. Even though backstage is still extremely helpful and useful, SOCIAL MEDIA has changed the face of the game.

It worries me to see people who say they are aspiring actors, misuse their social media pages for irrelevant things. They fail to realize that some of the biggest stars in the world today were discovered via social media. 

You can showcase your talent from the comfort of your home, all you need is your camera, a microphone and a channel on YouTube. Your Instagram is a strong tool, so are your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Live Star, Periscope, and so many other social media platforms that are available today.
Instead of posting things that are not relevant to your craft, I would advice that you start to perform monologues, create scenes with a partner, show different expressions, introduce yourself the way you would write your resume, talk to the camera like you are in front of the casting director and post pictures of your headshot.

When actors send messages to me asking how they can be noticed or seen I always go and look at their social media pages to see what they have tried to do. I don't know how they think someone else can help them when they have made no attempt to position themselves the right way.
I would see more posts about their food and outfits than about their craft. I am not saying they should not post personal things but maybe create a professional page that is separate from the personal one.
You never know who is watching and that is a proven fact.

Listening to over 20 casting directors, the common thing I hear them say is “I always look at the social media pages of the actors just to know what they are like when they are not in the audition room. Are they the kind of people I would want to work with? What do they represent and how serious do they take their work?"

Every casting director and agent will look at your impact on social media and the things you represent. They will also look out for traces of your craft in your post to be sure that they can feel the real you, not the you that comes prepared for the audition.

Here are a few tips:
  1. Represent yourself the way you want to be seen on your social media, utilize it properly.
  2. Enjoy acting for your own camera and you will be amazed at the impact it will make.
  3. Grow an audience before approaching an agent, it gives you a stronger bargaining power.
  4. Learn and perform a monologue at least once a week for your page.
  5. Create a YouTube channel for your craft and explore.
  6. Find good material and use it to create scenes with friends and family.
  7. Ask followers for their opinion on what you post and then tell them to repost or share if they like it.
  8. Don't wait for someone to hold your hand and lead you to success, make the first move.
  9. Take your craft seriously because the casting directors can spot a serious actor when they see one. 
  10. Keep researching and finding new and exciting ways to use your craft to engage the audience. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

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