Tuesday, 9 August 2016


The first time I heard the word COVER LETTER, I was literally confused. I began to think that trying to get agents and casting directors was more difficult than getting a job in the White House. 

I had prepared my resume which I felt had all the information that anyone would need. My headshot which showed my eyes, looks and size, was also ready and good to go. 
Why would would I need to send a letter to the same person who would receive my headshot and resume? 

Well, in the world of acting you will need to write a very brief introduction of yourself, to the person who will look at your body of work. You need to grab their attention because they receive thousands of applications just like yours. 

The content of the letter will vary and this will depend on your knowledge of the agent or casting director. If you have previously met any of them, your letter should indicate that as well. 

Your cover letter should be accompanied by your HEADSHOT, RESUME, REEL (if any) and BUSINESS CARD (if any). The business card is not very important because your resume should have your contact details at the top. 

In writing your cover letter you will need to do the following:

  1. If you have met the agent or casting director before, you have to remind them of the meeting and where. This will come immediately after your greeting and pleasantries “Hello Mr or MS ...."
  2. Let them know exactly what you want from them briefly, e.g. representation or casting. At this point you need to be careful not to repeat all that is already in your resume. Let them know you are a trained professional who is goal oriented and focused. Refer them to your attached resume for details of your training and background.
  3. If you have worked with or been trained by a known facilitator you may highlight that very briefly.
  4. If you have any performance you would like them to see which is ongoing,  you can invite them if they have the time.
Remind them to please take a look at your headshot, resume and reel to know more about you. This way you can keep the letter short, simple and straight to the point.

You do not need to tell them how amazing and talented you are. They hear the same things everyday and trust me they can get ticked off by people who blow their own trumpets before they are even seen. 

Thank them for their time and tell them you hope to hear from them soon. 
Sign your name.

THAT IS IT.  No more no less. 

Your cover letter sometimes is what determines how fast they will look at your headshot and resume. It's always good to introduce yourself especially when You want  an agent to represent you. This breaks the ice before your first meeting. 

Good luck with your work and please let us know of your successes, we would love to profile you and talk about what you are working on.

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