Tuesday 21 March 2017


Getting into acting is one thing, but understanding why you got into it is another thing. 
Booking one job is one thing, but staying relevant in the industry is another thing. 
Meeting people in the industry is one thing, but maintaining a long term relationship is another thing. 
Having raw talent for acting is one thing, but studying and mastering the technique is another thing. 

Here are a series of questions that may help you understand the level you are and what kind of actor you want to become. 

I will advice you to print out the questions and respond with YES or NO for each one. 

Answer these questions by yourself and be honest with your answers. In the next blog I will discuss my own answers with you and give you the next 15 questions. 

These may seem simple and irrelevant to some, but trust that when it is printed and answered, it will become a guide that will help you with decisions and growth. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

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  1. Michael Onome Ejoor24 March 2017 at 13:25

    You'd think that majority of people reading this would be able to answer these questions at the drop of a hat; as they're mostly like actors already. But they do get you thinking...

  2. Thanks very much I do appreciate

  3. Never have I expected to think of acting this way. This is an incredible way to know if we really love our job or not.

  4. Now that is the thing that I call an epic blog. Superbly made.

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