Tuesday 19 September 2017


I wrote a blog right here on An Actors Playhouse about "WHAT EVERY ACTOR SHOULD KNOW ABOUT AUDITIONING", and I gave you a list of words every actor should know the meaning of. I got a lot of positive feedback, and a lot of you asked for more. 

So, I have decided to share more terminologies that you must know before going on a professional set.

1. CALLBACK - A second or third or even fourth audition/interview. When you get a callback, it means that the Casting Director(s) is interested in you. At the callback, they may want you to audition in front of the Producer or Director. They may also want you to read with other actors.

2.  CALL SHEET - A list of scenes that shows which actors are required for particular scenes for the day.

3. CALL TIME - The time you need to be on set for each day of the shoot. You should receive a reminder the day before.

4. DAY PLAYER - An actor who is hired on a daily basis, instead of a longer contract. They are paid daily rates, and not fees for the project.

5. CRAFT SERVICE - In some countries, they refer to this as WELFARE, but it is known as craft service. The department that provides food on set.

6. DOUBLE - A person that looks like the actor and has almost the exact same body stats as the actor, especially in height and weight. This person could be a stunt double who would perform most of the risky scenes. They also come as body doubles for the nude scenes, in place of actors who are uncomfortable with being NUDE.

7. STAND-IN - These are similar to doubles because they have to look like the principal character. The difference is that they are mostly used to set up the correct lighting and camera angles. This means that they should have similar skin tones too.

8. HOLDING - The room or space/area where the background actors stay until they are called on set.

9. HOT MIC - Otherwise known as LIVE MIC. This is when a microphone has been turned on. I advise actors (especially those who wear body mics) to be careful what they say in the bathrooms or trailers when their mics are LIVE. Or better still, ask the sound engineer to put your mic on mute until the camera is ready to roll.

10. MARK - A chalk mark or tape that is used to mark the floor, so as to make sure the actor is in the right spot for the camera angles, and lights to hit them properly. You have to hit your mark from the day you are auditioned, till the last day of filming.

11. OFF CAMERA or OFF SHOT - A dialogue or action which takes place off-screen. The audience does not see it, they hear it or hear of it by a narrator or graphics.

12. OUT OF FRAME - When an Actor or object is outside the camera range.

13. BACK TO ONE - This is an instruction or direction for actors to return to the mark or the point, where they started the scene; for another take. Some people use T.O.P - but most directors in Hollywood say 'Back to one'

There are hundreds of more terminologies you need to know and learn, as we continue I will give them to you. Get used to these ones first, and be ready for more exciting things to learn.

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