Tuesday 30 January 2018


As actors, it can be nerve-wracking to walk into the audition room and perform in front of total strangers. These people get to decide if you have a shot at booking the job, so like it or not, you will definitely get nervous. 

Some actors allow their nerves get in the way of their performance, while others begin to act out of character. 

The casting directors already know that you are nervous so they understand, but beyond that, they want to see that even with the nerves, you are confident in your talent and your performance. 
The important thing is not just to know the lines and movements, but to leave a good and memorable impression.

Here are 20 of the most impactful and effective tips that will help you nail your auditions and book more work:

1. Be interesting and show your talent as best as you can.

2. The CASTING DIRECTORS will look out for your own personality and what you can do.

3. Know how to use your acting tools and always be prepared to do more than you have prepared.

4. Use your imagination because you may not have props or other actors to read/act with you in the audition room.

5. Your job is to show the CASTING DIRECTORS who you are and how you connect to the emotions of the scene/side.

6. Do not be afraid of the people in the room or how many they are. They are there because of you.

7. See the CASTING DIRECTORS as the audience who have come to watch your amazing performance and not people who are there to judge your abilities.

8. Your audition should be a performance that you enjoy in front of people who want to see you do what you claim to love.

9. A relaxed mind and body guarantees confidence and better coordination

10. Have fun with it and make it as natural and as simple as you can.

11. Use your charm and the positive side of yourself more.

12. Every DIRECTOR wants to know that he/she can work with you. DIRECTORS want people who can take directions, corrections, criticisms and be flexible without stress.

13. Do not make the CASTING DIRECTORS nervous because of your hostility.

14. Remember that when your performance starts you become the most important person in the room. The CASTING DIRECTOR'S success depends on your performance. 

15. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn.

16. LISTEN more and take corrections as best as you can. If they point out something they want you to correct or repeat, it means that they have seen something they want to explore. Let them do it for you. Don't argue, just do it.

17. Do not take rejection as a personal thing against you. It comes with the job.

18. No matter what you are going through in your personal life, leave it outside the audition room. You cannot allow the problem become the STAR of your own audition.

19. Expect the question "what have you done before?", even if it's on your resume. They want you to speak freely outside of the script so they can assess your personality, real voice, reactions, and expressions. The best way to handle this is to be the best version of yourself and smile. 

20. Before the day of the audition, ask yourself possible questions that you feel they might ask. Answer them on your notepad and get used to answering them in front of your mirror so that it becomes smooth. It helps you build your CONFIDENCE which is extremely important for your audition. 

I hope these 20 tips will help get you to the next phase of your career. Learn them, practice and implement.

Good luck Housemates. 


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  2. Amazing! These tips seem to be really awesome and useful for every budding artist. It gives me a whole new outlook of the acting! I am just a beginner to the Mindscreen Film Institute, Chennai. I am pretty sure that I would be able to use these tips in my acting career. I would definitely take care to leave a remarkable impression by keeping in mind the lines and the movements and to bring it all upfront with as much as confidence.

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  4. Wooooow all this tips I'm just taking my time to, savour each one,thank you mam.

  5. The best way to impress casting directors is to be confident in your audition and to show off your unique skills and talents. Make sure you're prepared with your lines and have a positive attitude

  6. There are so many reason to impress the director of the castings.You have to be confidence in audition and to show the best performance award achieved.